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Портрет по фото простыми карандашами | Portrait by photo with simple pencilsfalse

Услуги, Фото, видео, искусство

Washington D.C., United States, вся страна

We create portraits based on photos with pencil on paper in high quality! Only handmade, no digital printing! Pencil portraits based on photographs are distinguished by maximum realistic detail. A lively look, the volume of the figures and the clarity of the lines are transferred to the paper. Our professional artists try to convey in portraits not only facial features, but also the inner world of a person, his emotional state and character. Pencil portraits are not only the best original gift, but also affordable for everyone. Such a gift can be presented on any holiday: March 8, February 23, birthday, New Year, anniversary, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day. At the request of the client, we arrange the work in a frame with glass or in a baguette frame to order, we pack it in a gift box and send it to you in a way convenient for you: by courier service, mail, Euromail, SDEK, EMS. We deliver orders all over the WORLD. Belarus, Minsk